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2016 kia soul standerd key oem key fob no control once remote started.

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with the evo one in remote start the oem key fob has no control over the door locks or the arm or disarm of the evo one. in the settengs i have the oem remote settings enabled on both the remote start and alarm side or is there something that I am missing.or not set correctlly.
asked Mar 27, 2018 in Kia by jeff panotes (590 points)

1 Answer

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The OEM remotes are not monitored on that particular model, an aftermarket RF kit is required as shown in required technology box on the website.


Thank you,
answered Mar 28, 2018 by JM (55,300 points)
Yes the rf kit is installed i have full control with the rf kit ,but once remote started oem key fob no longer works until remote start is complete or from the rf kit it is shut down. The setting in the programmer was to have the oem key enabled to communicate with the evo one . Is that not possible for this application. And also on the evo one the alarm is set but with the oem key fob it will not arm the evo one . Only from the rf kit im able to do this . Is there a setting im over looking or is this just not possible for my application

"oem key fob no longer works until remote start is complete or from the rf kit it is shut down"


This is normal as the oem fobs are dead when the vehicle is remote started, and we do not detect them, we list rf kit only for this car,  we do not list 3x lock or OEM remote monitoring on this vehicle on our website: http://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/kia/soul/2016-standard-key/


Basically it is acting exactly as it should right now.


Just because the option is their doe not mean it is supported. You need to refer to the website/installation guide to know exactly what is supported.