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Do I need to connect the main connector?

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I have an EVO-ONE with TOY6 harness for a 2018 Highlander Hybrid PTS.  I'm using the install guide #70741, which support said was the correct one.  In this guide it says to tape over the main connector to prevent shorting to ground, but further down the guide it says to plug in the main connector to program key pass.  Do I need to connect the main connector to pwr/gnd or does the evo-one get power from the t-harness?  Which connector do I need to plug in to complete the key pass programming?  Thanks.
asked Mar 27, 2018 in Toyota by Charles Wilburn (180 points)

1 Answer

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The module will get its power and ground from the t-harness through the small black 4 pin connector.

The 6 pin main connector is not needed but yes indeed tape over it to prevent it shorting out against something.
answered Mar 27, 2018 by derek ! (279,190 points)
selected Mar 28, 2018 by derek !
Thank you!


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