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Cannot Learn MyCar Telematics Module - Evo-One

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I am trying to learn/teach the Evo-One the MyCar Telematics module.  I have followed the directions and preconfigured the Evo with the Fortin 2 option.

I cannot get the Evo into programming mode.  I turn the Ignition to ON hold the button (next to loop) on the Evo for 5+ seconds as the instructions say, but the led never changes to red and remains amber. Any suggestions?

I should also note that my install was done using all T-Harnesses so I know I don't have any wiring issues. I tested the Evo for functionality before moving onto MyCar install as well and everything works great.

Here is the instructions: http://www.crimestopper.com/cstech/library/security/security_systems/remote_start/mycar_installation_guide_20171109.pdf
closed with the note: Use the valet button, not programming button as stated
asked Mar 17, 2018 in RF-Kits by (160 points)
closed Mar 17, 2018 by


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