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2015 Toyota Tundra alarm triggered on start and won't unlock with keyfob during remote start session.

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truck starts with factory keyfob lock press 3x.

after it is running, it will not unlock with the keyfob.

also, if given time for the alarm to activate, triggering a remote start with factory keyfob lock x3 sets off the alarm.

i received unit pre-programmed from a seller.

thanks in advance for your help!
asked Feb 26, 2018 in Toyota by David Doss (130 points)

1 Answer

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Looks like option D2 (unlock before/lock after start to disable oem alarm) was never turned on (http://fortin.ca/en/support/002b02124941/), you need this option turned on.


Also did you connect the key sense wire?


With the truck remote started, when you press lock from your OEM remote, does the blue led flash on the evo?
answered Feb 27, 2018 by Derek (177,890 points)
i did not connect the key sense wire. i am unable to verify the blue led flash right now, but i will report back later.

hi, sorry for the lonnnng delay! ha it's been really hard to get time to work on this. i cracked open the dash and found the answer to your other question. the blue led flashes once when i click the lock button while the truck is remote started. it flashes twice with the unlock button. also the vehicle lights flash in the same pattern.


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