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2011 ford f150 (evo-fort1) can't programing Unit

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Module is not programming correctly. ( can't get pass step 7)

Blue and red lights come on.
First key goes in. Blue, red lights on.
First key out. Blue and red

Second key in. Blue, red  lights on.

Second key out. Blue and red

First key goes back in. wait, and wait .... (STEP 8)NO Red and blue 10X flashes.

Note: once the i completed up to step 7. the ignition of the 2011 Ford f150 thinks the key is still in and on the "ON" positon (blower and dash lights are ON even after key out).


Vehicle 2011 ford 150 XL std key


asked Feb 25, 2018 in Ford by David Nguyen (260 points)

1 Answer

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A couple of ideas.

  • Firmware is not at the recommend 71.28
  • On the first key the yellow should be turning as well. No yellow, something is up with one of the connections: YELLOW, LIGHT BLUE and/or LIGHT BLUE BLACK , there's an issue here. 
  • try doing the programming WITHOUT the red connector plugged in (this is why your ignition is staying latched, the module never programmed)


answered Feb 26, 2018 by Robert T (285,590 points)
Hello Robb, 1st of all thank you for your tips. I have refalsh my module and follow your advices. However i got the step 8 part A ( Blue & Red led flashes 10x, then Nothing.. don't know how long I need to wait before part B {the BLue led does not flash rapily}

I also tried reset and reflash for Stand alone, the same thing happen during programing ( same scenario as above).  

Any help is greatly appreciate.