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horn confirmation won't work

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Have an EVO-ONE set up on a Nissan Frontier with a revo 1.1 rf kit.  Starter revision was set to 1.16 to get the remote to work.  A1 setting is also off to eliminate double lock issue when remote start engaged.  I can not get the horn confirmation to work.  I tried changing option 11 to mode 2 but it didn't make a difference.  I checked the horn wire with a ground wire and it honks, so it's not the horn wiring.  Sections of the remote options chart in the flash update are highlighted yellow, but no legend explains what that means, any idea on what that means too?
asked Feb 20, 2018 in Nissan by sal desimone (530 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Was the horn wire connected from the evo to the vehicle?
answered Feb 20, 2018 by Derek (177,890 points)
Yes.  I set option 11 to mode 5.  I don't get a horn confrimation when it locks.  I separated the wires, and get the horn to honk with a test to ground.  I checked the orange/black wire for continuity during the remote start, and do not get any completion, so it does not look like it is seeing ground during the cycle.  The horn is set for short, could it just need to be lengthened to the long signal?


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