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Why is engine light on when remote starting

0 votes
Have a 2015 dodge charger SE AND the remote start cranks fine but the engine light is on during operation. I have checked all of my wiring and everything looks okay. However, when the car is started normally no check engine is on.
asked Feb 19, 2018 in Dodge by Micheal Smith (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I would start off by shutting off option A14 in the options tab of the evo, we do show in the guide to turn this option on, this forces the evo to send can codes for parking light control which is not supported in your vehicle.

Thank you,
answered Feb 20, 2018 by JM (61,720 points)
I have turned off A14 in the options tab and I seem to be having the same issue. Is there any other opiton or wire I may need that need to be turned or connected. For some reason it throwing an error code.


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