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Evo Start 2 Issues Continued

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Hey there, I installed the Evo start 2 with my evo all several weeks ago (in a 2009 Ford Escape) and it has been working as expected. The only issue is after I first installed it, it seemed to consistently send me back a confirmation “engine on” in the iOS app above the start button. Now when I remote start it, it rarely sends me back that confirmation (seems to only do it if I’m really close to the vehicle) and I have to walk across campus to my car and just hope that it started (usually it does but sometimes it doesn’t) Any idea what would cause this? There’s also an area on campus if I park my car where it refuses to remote start via the app. It’s right below a residence building with a ton of cellphone towers on it. I’m wondering if that could be the issue in that specific spot? (Seems to work fine verywhere else though, except for that confirmation engine on issue) Thanks
asked Feb 18, 2018 in Ford by Jonathan Rogler (170 points)

1 Answer

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The text above the start button is only the last text received. If the engine is running you must look at the "rpm" needle on the right that says "Running"

Yes the network might have some dead spot that is not impossible. You can contact the owner of the network, Otodata and report the dead spot so they can fix it.
answered Feb 19, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,020 points)
Ok... so how come it comes back with “engine on” (clearly meant to give you confirmation that the engine was started successfully) after it says “start command sent” and other times it just says “start command sent” and the “engine on” is never displayed. Not sure what you mean by rpm needle. The only info it shows me in the app is the battery there are two other things. One that looks like a needle on the bottom right and one that looks like a thermometer on the left but they have never displayed any info