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Nothing happen after programming

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Hi, I bought a Evo All with FORT-1 Harness for my 2016 Transit. All wires plugged and checked twice(except for light wire cause I dont want them to light up). When I do the programming sequence, all the light flashes has they need. but when I at the point of remote starting within the 5 seconds, it does not.. and then the blue light flash 10 times then the dash turns off and no sign of the Evo.. when I press my remote, I have no lights going on the EVO at all. Also, during programming, the dash says No Key detected.


For info, I already installed a Evo in my 2015 F-150 and worked great..
asked Feb 9, 2018 in Ford by Remi Mercier (160 points)
edited Feb 9, 2018 by Remi Mercier

1 Answer

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First problem

The transit is not covered for 3 xlock start. An rf-kit is needed with an evo-one for proper operation. 



Second problem

The last of part programming is Press and hold the programming until igniiton turns on OR activate the remote starter. It says OR activate the remote starter because the plan takes into consideration that the EVO-FORT1 is being installed with a remote starter (since it is not compatible with 3xlock start..)

answered Feb 9, 2018 by Robb (262,670 points)
So, If I understand right, All I need Right now is a RF Kits right?


What would be the best?


theoretically the evo-fort1 can be used as a stand alone starter (although we do not list it) with an rf-kit but you will not have any parking light control
I dont really care about parking lights. Now, which kit should I use? I just want to be able to start from inside the house looking at the truck so the cheapest is good!
compatible rf-kits can be found here: https://fortin.ca/en/technology/rf_kits.html