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2010 Ford F150 - PATS key error on first remote start attempt with EVO-All and Compustar CM-4200DX

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I used the decryptor and the 1-key programming method on my 2010 F150.  Everything seemed to go smoothly, took about 15 minutes to decrypt the key.  I've got soldered/heatshrink connections throughout my installation.  When I hit the remote start button on my Compustar CM-4200DX, the dash indicators light up like it is attempting a start, but the PATS warning light flashes rapidly (same as if you have an invalid/non-programmed key) and starter does not engage.  The Compustar tries a second time, which again - all the dash lights come on as you would expect, but this time the PATS warning light stays on solid (just like it would if you used the key) and the vehicle starts up successfully.

Not knowing if the Compustar module could "talk" to the EVO-ALL, I used the hardwire method for the install instead of data-link.  I double-checked to make sure the EVO-ALL was getting a proper signal to the GWR, START, Ign, 12v+, and ground wires.

Everything works just fine, except that the Compustar module has to try twice before the truck will start.
asked Feb 5, 2018 in Ford by Darren Asuncion (920 points)

1 Answer

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Make sure there is no unlock before start enabled, i guarantee this will prevent starting. Since you're in wire-to-wire, there should be no pulse coming in on that purple/white when remote starting.

Also, stick firmware 71.44 in there. Reset and Reprogram.


If you want data with any compu, enable option F2 in the EVO. This will enable the OFA datalink protocol.
answered Feb 5, 2018 by Robb (211,120 points)
Thanks for getting back to me.  The Compustar was originally pulsing the purple/white wire before starting, so I turned that feature off via Compustar's programming procedures.  Didn't seem to change anything with the PATS problem besides not sending an unlock pulse prior to remote starting.

I opted to use a spare EVO-ALL (service # 001A06545687) that I had sitting on the shelf so I wouldn't have to disturb the original EVO-ALLs mounting in case this didn't work.  I programmed it as you described, and same symptoms.  Generally fails to start on first try (rapidly flashing PATS light), and always starts on 2nd try.

Oddly enough, I noticed on both EVO-ALLs, after the vehicle is successfully remote-started, the door locks lock. I programmed the Compustar NOT to unlock/lock before or after remote starting, but that's not to say that the Compustar isn't still issuing that command.   I'm not sure which module (Compustar or EVO-ALL) is issuing the door lock command, but just thought I'd mention it in case it helps you figure out what's going on.

Any ideas?