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2017 Forester, standard key, EVO ONE, OEM alarm, remote start wont start

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2017 Forester with Standard key

Wired with guide #57211 and used T-harness

flash link updater updated to current V:4.03

Evo one updated to 79.45 for the 2107 forester

evo one promgrammed in car and went good

I did not wire up the Power lift gate wire and the Hood pin wire

In the bypass mode I have A1-A9 selected ON, (A10, A11,B1 selected OFF), C1,D2 selected ON, (D3-D6 selected OFF)

In remote starter mode V:1.24 updated and only ones i changed were 6.2 selected and 38.2 selected

then did Dcryptor programming and it went fine

put the evo one back in the car and no remote start

all standard key features are working

i shut the door and can see the evo one and when i lock or unlock there are no lights coming on, on the evo one. isn't the blue light?

i thought it was IMO wires so i disconnected the red connector and tried to start the car and it will start but will shut off after a few seconds

when i pull the red connector back in and start the car, the red light on the evo one lights up soild

Service Number: 002B07237674

Please Help!!!

I also tried the older firmware verison of the remote start mode and still NOTHING

Also I was driving home last night and my passenger door switches are not illuminating.

What is going on????
asked Feb 4, 2018 in Subaru by Chad Chesley (160 points)
edited Feb 5, 2018 by Chad Chesley

1 Answer

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"i shut the door and can see the evo one and when i lock or unlock there are no lights coming on, on the evo one. isn't the blue light?"


- the blue led should be flashing with each lock press. If it is not flashing the module has not programmed properly. Specifically the Can bus wires/blue led flashing. 

answered Feb 5, 2018 by derek ! (277,630 points)
Hey Derek,

I will check the wires for the CAN BUS again. And start the programming again from the beginning but one question during the programming and the 6X press do you press 6 times quickly or press one time then wait for it to flash then again...


Press the button 6 times in succession, the red and blue leds should flash 5 times and pause continiuously.


Then starts the car and look at the evo to see what the led's do.
Will do, I will try it at lunch and get back to you. Thank you for the help!!

After i do this should I do the dcryptor programming again?

Please help i checked all wires and all are correctly installed. i tried re programming the module again still no blue led when pressing the standard key. i have even tried reversing the CAN wire and when i do that and reprogram the blue led doesnt flash during programming. so i switched them back and reprogramed and still nothing. could it be a setting that i am missing.


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