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Using the Evo Start 2 with the Evo-all

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Hi there, I have an 09’ Ford Escape that I have already successfully installed the Evo-all into and it now works with my oem ford key fob. I bought the Evo Start 2 and am looking to set it up in the car as well but when reading the guide it mentions an RFA2A cable that I was never informed of. Do I absolutely need this for the Evo Start 2 to function with the Evo-all? Thanks
asked Jan 28, 2018 in Ford by Jonathan Rogler (170 points)

1 Answer

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No you do not need it.

Hopefully this is the guide you are following: http://cdn.fortin.ca/download/69731/evo-start2-ant-install-guide-69731.pdf

Page 12 has the connections.
answered Jan 29, 2018 by Derek (228,160 points)
Thanks Derek, I was able to get it figured out shortly after I asked the question. I’m wondering now how to get my radio to shut off when I turn off the engine remotely. It has to do with that blue wire correct? And can you shut down the engine from the app after you start it? Or just the key fob? Thanks
Yes you can shut down with the app.

To shutdown the radio you must make the dotted connection in your install guide to the driver doorpin. If this connection is not done, the radio will shutdown after 30 minutes.
Thanks! And ok good to know. I went to start my car from the app today leaving school and it sent the start signal but did not return with an “engine on” confirmation. I went to the car and it hadn’t started. I then tried to start it from my phone right beside the vehicle and it started but when I got in the vehicle and went to pull away the engine wasn’t fully on. I then removed the key, shut everything down and started up the engine with my key and it was fine. Then drove home got out and tried starting it again from my phone and everything started perfectly fine. Is this normal behaviour or could you think of why this would happen? I mounted the antenna in the correct spot so not sure what else it could be, thanks
When you are getting engine on, this is confirmation the signal has reached the antenna in the vehicle.


What do you mean by "the engine wasn't fully on" ?
Ok thanks, and I don’t know... it’s hard to describe. It’s almost like I started it for the second time at the vehicle remotely and the ignition turned on but the engine didn’t start. It worked fine today though. It’s odd that I start my car from the app, it tells me “engine on” and then a few minutes later in the same spot it will say “engine off” even though it’s not... Do you know if there’s anyway for me to turn on the heated seats and rear defrost remotely on my 09’ Escape? By default they shut off whenever I turn off the car and when I turn the car back on I have to push them all on as they don’t just come back on by themselves like the hot air does in the front