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Honda CR-V 2014 Evo one

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i have honda crv 2014 standard key , and i am installing evo one with T-harnes 2 and RF2W antina fob , i connect same what is show , i and i follow the instruction solied red then push twich flash red , then pust the key to ignition fast red falshing but the blue light will not show after 10 flashing and even at all all the wires are connected by the T harnes and the orand wire and the pink wire are connected for each connecter 12 pin and the 20 ping , the ground is connected , the only wire is not connected is the fuesed wire which is pin 1 white or brown in the T harness which is said it is output , i never touch the programming yet for the interface of the unit which is still the default setting from the manfacure , any advice or suggestion . ?
is the E1 wire with the Fuse should be connected or not , the installation manual it is show 2 diffrent way , i am using the Rev 2 Thar hon 2
Service NO 002b07228755
asked Jan 23, 2018 in Honda by Mohammad Odeh (420 points)

1 Answer

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E1 is not used for that vehicle. There are some hondas/acuras that we use it to power (+)parkinglights.

With REV2 harness, follow the first diagram. Do not forget to connect ground.


Your unit looks setup right so i assuming you already did all the programming.
answered Jan 23, 2018 by Robb (211,920 points)