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2013 F150 - EvoAll erased my 2 factory programmed keys

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After I reflashed my unit I went to install to see if programming would work this time (several failed attempts prior to flashing).  In the process I plugged the black 4-prong connector into the unit while holding the programming button down and released when LEDs were Red and Blue.  Stupidly I then forgot to plug in the rest of the connectors before proceeding to programming.  After cycling the two factory keys and waiting 3 seconds on each as the instructions say, the locks cycled and nothing happened (as expected with the other connectors not plugged in).  HOWEVER, when I went to start the truck after unplugging the bypass module, the truck no longer starts.  Neither key works now.  They will lock/unlock the doors but turning the ignition does nothing.  I realize my mistake in programming, but is there any way to reprogram the keys??? Or am I now stuck with a truck that has no remaining programmed keys that will start the vehicle let alone program anything whatsoever???
asked Jan 19, 2018 in Ford by Aaron Rittenhouse (130 points)

1 Answer

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I could be wrong but I thought with Ford the 2 original keys are MASTER keys. They cant be erased with out RDS laptop or service tool. The way Fords usually work is it uses the 2 master keys to intiate programming new keys. It will program up to 6 keys. The only keys it will ever bump off are keys you programmed after the fact. If you program 4 keys and try to do another it bumps off the oldest key. Only way I see you being in this predictament is the keys you used to prgram are not master keys? And even then i think The evo-all is only seen as 1 key. Meaning each time you program the EVO-ALL, the Ford sees it as the same key each time.
answered Jan 21, 2018 by Mike Payne (470 points)


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