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check engine light when using 3x remote start

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Installed Evo All CHR6 in 2014 dodge dart, programmed successfully, vehicle starts upon 3x lock, and stops with additional 3x lock. However, when using remote start, it appears to trigger check engine light, and puts engine in "limp" mode, accelerating sluggishly. if I turn vehicle off, and then start normally, without remote start, it runs fine, but engine light stays on. I can reset the light, but as soon as I use remote start, it comes back. I have googled this issue, and it appears I need to connect to a different wire, but not sure which one - I suspect something to do with brake pedal. help please.


additional detail I probably should have added.  I started with the firmware version 74 .29, per the install instructions, but that wouldn't program.  However I noticed the actual flashlink manager app recommended 74.24.  Once I had reflashed it to .24, and it then programmed successfully, took the key details, encrypted successfully, etc.  

asked Jan 18, 2018 in Dodge by Josh Zimmerman (180 points)
edited Jan 18, 2018 by Josh Zimmerman

1 Answer

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Make sure you have connected yellow, light blue / black and light blue wires from the t-harness to the 20 pin connector correctly.

Also for testing disconnect the parking light wire and the driver doorpin wire.
answered Jan 19, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
selected Jan 22, 2018 by Josh Zimmerman
pretty sure I double checked the yellow, light blue/black & light blue wires, but will disconnect the door & parking wire lines to see if that changes things.  I will check & report back.  Thank you.
I checked the connections & moved the connection to the parking lights.  The error seems to have cleared, I will wait a day or so before i "close" this issue.


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