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2011 Altima PTS 'No Key' on Instrument Cluster

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  • 2011 Altima Push-To-Start
  • Using T-harness.  Connected to OBDII, Brake Pedal, Keybox. 
  • Tapped into Brown wire on push-to-start button.
  • A1-A11, C1, D1, D1.2, D3 Enabled
  • Latest firmware for flasher and EVO-ALL

Went through programming sequence (with battery out of FOB).  Sequence completed sucessfully ending with rapid-flashing yellow light.  When activated with FOB inside vehicle, it starts fine with the 3x lock press.  With FOB removed from vehicle, 3x lock press does not start vehicle.  Vehicle displays "No key" message on instrument cluster.  

I have tried to re-flash and re-program the EVO-ALL multiple times, all with identical results.  

What am I missing here?

closed with the note: Followed guide and vehicle starts.
asked Jan 15, 2018 in Nissan by Brian Laroche (140 points)
closed May 22, 2019 by Derek

1 Answer

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I am having this same issue. Have you figured out anything, or maybe Fortin can assist us?
answered May 20, 2019 by Joshua Mack (190 points)
For fastest results call us at 1-877-336-7797 when you are at the vehicle with the module.

Mon-Fri 8-6 EST.

What is the service number to the module?

If you leave it try a 2nd time, does the vehicle then start?
I seemed to have figured it out after calling support. Turns out you have to wire the yellow/purple cable to the lt. blue/black cable on the 20 pin connector. It looked like it was already wired in the manual.


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