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Does EVO-ALL 3X Red LED flash always mean that it is not seeing the tach?

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2017 Explorer with T-Harness plugged into OBD module.  No other connections recommended in Tip Sheet.  Hood pin disable since vehicle does not have one.  Blue LED each time press Lock.  After 3 Lock will light Red LED and it will come on followed  by the Yellow LED but no response from vehicle.  Blue LED comes on then sequence starts again.  After several attempt the Red LED flashes 3X and process stops.
asked Jan 10, 2018 in Ford by Kelly Brewer (190 points)

1 Answer

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Just an update.  Was told the 3 Flashes just indicated a failed start.  Was told by Fortin Tech Support that I needed to follow the tech sheet and ground the #14 hood pin plug on the ECM since this unit did not have a hood pin.  I had shut that off in the EVO but that does not seem to bypass the need to follow this proceedure.   I was told by MYPUSHCART Tech Support that this was not necessary and I was just programming incorrectly.  After making this connection I turned the hood pin setting back on and plugged the EVO back into the T-Harness with no additional programming and it fired right up.
answered Jan 11, 2018 by Kelly Brewer (190 points)