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lincoln Navigator - 2nd Attempt to get support from this website

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I follow programming proceedure 2. I install the first key for 3 seconds and the yellow light comes on. I remove it and install the 2nd key and then the red light flashes once.  Then I remove it and press the program button and the red light flashes once quickly/weakly.   I use the remote start which powers the accessory wire but never get the red light 10 flashing times. The red light just stays on.  Can you tell me why the programming is no working?


asked Jan 3, 2014 in Lincoln by Gavin Titshall (190 points)
closed Jan 3, 2014 by Robb

1 Answer

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I answered your other one earlier. You had mentionned that you had a copied key. Two dealer programmed keys are requiried.


answered Jan 3, 2014 by Robb (255,800 points)
Thanks, I just got the email for the first ticket.  I contacted the distributer that I bought it from and he is willing to try to do the one key programming - I beleive it's method 6.  He has not done this before but he is willing to try following the instructions.  Is this likely to work?

The one key programming is honestly the easiest way to go. It will use our DCrytor servers to de-crypt the key information and send it back to the EVO. It takes a little longer then regular programming but is your only choice unless you get another key made by the dealer.


Make sure the unit is also updated to the latest Lincoln/Ford firmware and then do a master reset on the EVO. Here is the reset procedure.

1- Hold down programming button while plugging in datalink connector.
2- Let go of button when LED is RED.
3- Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate.
4- Disconnect unit, she is now reset.

It wasnt mentionned anywhere, but we will back 100% for tech support starting Jan. 6th. We apologize for the inconvience/wait time this is causing.