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Aftermarket push-to-start connect to evo-all standard installation no auto headlights

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I have a few quirks with my new install that I'm hoping to get answers for which I will bring up at the end, but first the installation so that the setup and configuration is known. I installed an EasyGO AM-F150 remote start and promity entry with push to start in my 2012 F150. I previously had an Evo-all setup for 3x remote start with the T-Harness. I reprogrammed the evo all for standard installation and killed the D1 for 3x remote start. I wired the new EasyGo system to the CanBus and Parking lights (+), then all other connections like the door sense, door lock, door unlock, parking light (-), and Ground while Running to the Evo-All. I connected the lock, unlock, and door pin wires from the Evo to the BCM as instructed (after testing for correct wires) The EasyGo also had a T-Harness so I just series it in with the T-Harness from the Evo-All. 

Here is the behavior of the new EasyGO system:

The system locks the truck (only when doors are closed, otherwise does nothing). - Not a big deal 

The system unlocks the truck (but after activating accessory mode for about 2 seconds) - A little annoying but may be necessary to disarm the oem alarm from what I understand

The system remote starts the vehicle (no adverse behavior) - All Good

The push to start button starts the vehicle (but whereas accessories activate, I can shift into gear and drive away, and the headlights turn on when in Drive; the auto headlights don't function and all the interior dash lighting for the radio and AC/Heater controls don't light up) - Biggest issue

asked Jan 9, 2018 in Ford by Clint Griffith (320 points)

1 Answer

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If you start the vehicle with the key does the vehicle work properly ?
answered Jan 9, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (50,060 points)
Yes it does (the system actually called for removing the ignition altogether to disable the steering wheel lock, but I just removed the lock and kept the ignition as a backup) but i have figured outthe lights, the girlfriend borrowed the truck for a couple days after installing and no time to test, she had the headlight switch to off so only the DRL lights were working. She swore the light switch was on.....:sigh: looks like other than the pulse of the accessory and the lack of the dome light fading on lock, all is working good. The dome takes about 1 min to shut off which is ok I guess if that's the only fault of the system.


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