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2006 Saab 9-7x not using the data link to the remote starter, just analog.  I connect everything up and try to program the unit to the vehicle.as per the instructions (hold button, connect data link connector, let go when blue LED on, turn key to run...).  When I turn the key to run, the blue LED does not turn off or anything.  Waited for more than 15 minutes and nothing would happen.  PPL/YEL wire to OBD wire is connected correctly.  Tried repeatedly and still the blue LED stays on.

Just one note on this vehicle.  You have the same programming for this vehicle as for TrailBlazers an Envoys.  This vehicle is different than all the other trucks in this series in that it uses PassKey 3 and NOT Passlock like the others in case that makes a difference.
in Saab by Randall Perry (130 points)

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Try turning the key straight to START, don't wait on RUN for the blue led to turn off.
by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62.0k points)
Nope.  That didn't work neither.  Tried it several times and also let it idle for 10-15 minutes.  Blue LED stays on.

How long does it normally take?  Any ther ideas?
Any other suggestions?
Hello?  Can I get some assistance please?