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2011 6.7 f250 start system fault when trying to remote start

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I programmed the unit. Loghts come on truck turns on then right back off then back on then off then doesn’t start.

the truck is 6.7 diesel. The service number for the unit is 001A06783518. Tried reinstalling multiple times with now luck.
asked Jan 7, 2018 in Ford by James Seeley (130 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
option D2, turn it off. Car will start fine afterwards
answered Jan 10, 2018 by Robb (201,550 points)
I have no way to do that. I did’t get any way to hook up to a computer or progra it.
Contact your reseller, the option was turned on before shipping to you.
H won’t respond. I mailed it back to be reprogrammed and he has not responded to me
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check the YELLOW wire from the 20 pin white connector.Ignition + on A1 and make sure it's connected to the YELLOW/BLACK wire from the T-HARNESS.There should only be 2 wires spliced not 3. Don't splice in the PURPLE/YELLOW that some YOUTUBE videos are showing .USE ONLY THE WIRING DIAGRAM ON PAGE 4 of your FORTIN STAND ALONE.
answered Jan 13, 2018 by robert knopf (200 points)


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