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Starter cranking too long

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I have the evo one, t- harness, and viper rf kit installed on my 2016 Honda Accord with a regular key.   The remote start all works fine, except the starter over cranks.  I had it adjusted to the -3 setting.  I have had it installed for some time but haven't really used it until now due to the cold.  

I don't have the 12 digit number yet as I need to take the dash apart to get the module.  

Can you advise me what options I have to correct?  Could there be a new software update that I could apply?


asked Jan 5, 2018 in Honda by Kenny Howman (130 points)
reshown Jan 24, 2018 by Kenny Howman

1 Answer

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Need the service number in order to give you accurate information.
answered Jan 25, 2018 by Derek (196,820 points)