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2014 GTI key start evo one clutch bypass

0 votes
2014 GTI evo one installed, key ???? not push button start

i did the key wrap, the car starts as long as I push in the clutch and  3x lock

tha answer I got was for push to start, is that the same install I need to do or am I missing something

i just need to bypass the clutch switch
asked Jan 2, 2018 in Volkswagen by Steve Floyd (1,800 points)

1 Answer

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Page 4 of the install guide shows the clutch bypass connection http://cdn.fortin.ca/download/61401/evo-one_ig_reg_bi_vol_gti_2011-2014_key_tb_d_61401.pdf
answered Jan 2, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (58,110 points)