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2017 Ford Transit T-Harness does not fit.

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hello, i am intalling evo-one remote start on my 2017 ford transit, i am using a t-harness " thar-ford1 rev.1 lot:50467" big 6/7 pin connecter fits right on the lock, but small 4 pin connecter for pod signal has no where to plug in, there is no other 4 pin connecter in streeting colum/ lock area. i  used instaletion guide #31771 rev:20170303 which shows that small 4 pin connector should plug in on the bottom of the lock, but my vehicle doesnt have that connecter. How can i maka this work?

Or even if i use the regualar instalation guide "31771 rev:20171206 i need to find these two wires rx which is purple/grey and tx which is yellow/orange they should connect to a10 and a20 on the evo one. but my car doesnt have those wire colors. or the 4 pin connecter anywhere near the lock.

if so could i use the t-harness without the 4 pin connecter and just splice the two pod signals rx and tx, if i will find the wire colors for them.

help would be appreciated thank you.
asked Dec 22, 2017 in Ford by Vasyl Polovyy (260 points)

1 Answer

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no rx-tx means the car most likely has no immobilizer.

You can connect only the main harness, connect ground to the black wire in the EVO 4-pin black connector, and programm CAN-BUS only.


To program canbus only:

-- release on blue

-- plug in connectors

-- turn key on, blue will flash

-- turn key off
answered Dec 22, 2017 by Robb (262,210 points)
do i connect the black wire to ground only when programing it or it connection is repmenant for it?

also it is a 2017 car i wouldnt think it doesnt have immobolizer in it, or it is possible to be that way?

also in insturction it says that i need both keys when programing the keys, do i need both keys to complete the programing or one will be enough?

thank you
the ground will need to be permanent

It is possible that on a 2017 transit that there is no immobilizer

programming can-bus is done with only 1 key
I have the exact same situation. Did you get it resolved and working like it should.
I think there may be a larger problem here that requires a rewrite of instructions. My 2016 transit also only has the bottom 7 pin connector and no 4 pin connector on the ignition barrel.

I used the T harness but I had to refer to the regular instructions, the T harness instructions and the Wirecolor.com photos and instructions to put this all together.

1. Both the regular and T harness instructions label the 4 pin connector #1 in some places and #2 in others. Same with the 7 pin connector.

2. In the regular instructions, the seven pin connector has the pin numbers labelled incorrectly. Pin 5 is actually 4, 6 is 5 and so on.

3. On the WireColor instructions, wires 6 (RX) and 7 (TX) are listed as being from the 4 pin connector, but no photos are referred to or included in the WireColor package. This leads me to believe that the 4 pin connector photo was not included since it does not exist.

4. This is where it gets confusing. On the regular installation instructions, pin 5 on the 7 pin connector (which is actually pin 4) connects to D5 (+ 12 Volt) which is fine. However, pin 6 (which is actually pin 5) is highlighted but not assigned. The WireColor instruction sheet lists this as Wire 70 (+ key sense). I am guessing that the pin should be assigned and here is why. While in the van with the door shut and quiet, when I place the key into the ignition I hear a sound come from the ignition barrel like a small motor or a relay without turning the key. That tells me that the vehicle is recognizing the key. Since there is no wiring diagram included with the T harness, I can only assume that I will have to make another connection to ACTUAL pin 5 on the 7 pin connector.

5. The regular instructions show wire D6 Ignition1/Accessory making two diode protected connections to the 7 pin ignition connector. The T harness does not appear to have any built in diode protected connections. Is this an oversite or on purpose?? Again I have no problem adding diodes to my T harness. EDIT: Upon further examination,  it appears the T harness uses different connections to accomplish the same thing.

As it stands now, I have done all wiring according to the current instructions and connected the Evo One but have not programed it. I did follow the above "release on blue" instructions instead of the instruction sheet "release on red", but the flashlink manager did not regognize the EvoOne after that. Leaving the installation as is for the time being seems to be fine, So I will leave it in place for now even if it is not working yet.

I hope you can resolve this quickly and it will be helpful to others. I installed the EvoOne unit on my other vehicle a year ago and it works great.
i switched to regular instalation hooked everything up besides rx and tx wires, since my car is not equiped with imobolizer, where do i hook those two wires?

because with t harnes i did as you said before and programmed it on blue, but couldnt programm the remotes, lights on evo one wouldnt light up if key isnt in the egnition, but if i would put the ket in it even not turning it just putting it in, yellow light goes and stays on, even if i hold programm button yellow light doesnt change, so i am not able to program the remotes.

so i switched to regular instalation but having trouble finding wires for rx and tx.


thank you
You do not connect rx and tx wires at all.

What remote are you trying to program ?
I'm also using the 2017 Transit T-Harness, with a vehicle missing the same connectors mentioned earlier in the thread. I tried the instructions for CAN only programming, but cannot get the blue LED to blink during the programming process. The blue LED just remains on steady.

Right now the connections are:

a) T-Harness plugged into 7-pin connector at steering column

b) Grey and grey/black connected to CAN pins of OBD-II connector

c) Red and black connected to constant +12V and ground, respectively

 If it matters, I'm using an EVO-ALL module.

EDIT: T-Harness does not work for Transit 2017 if it's missing the 4-pin connector. Must make manual connections.
Same problem here. They seem to still have not fixed the instructions. They must not care.