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I cant get through the programming on evo chrt6 2016 challenger

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2016 challenger push to start , I installed the evo chrt6 and got to step 6 the red light on and it would not do anything else

I unplugged and started over and the yellow light would not flash after the 4 x button

I did a unit reset, I hope i didnt mess up anything in the settings by doing this now it is stuck with the yellow light and it wont do anything
Can you check my programming to see if it's good?

i am using factory remotes for 3x start
what do I need to do?

please help
asked Dec 21, 2017 in Dodge by Steve Floyd (1,800 points)
edited Dec 22, 2017 by Steve Floyd

1 Answer

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Best answer
from the service number, looks like Dcryptor went through so am assuming you got her figured out
answered Dec 22, 2017 by Robb (228,250 points)
selected Dec 27, 2017 by Steve Floyd
Yes I found my programmer is bad got it to work long enough to get it programmed

Now I Have a check engine light on with no codes when remote started do you have a fix?


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