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Programming Evo-One on 2013 Golf - light sequence does not go solid blue

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2013 VW Golf - Standard Key

Evo One & TB VW

After following the steps: Open & close door, hold programming button and connect 6-pin main harness, and watch the light sequence for solid blue.  My light sequence goes blue, red, yellow, blue/red.  I don't get the solid blue as my forth sequence. If I continue on the rest of the programming I can finish programming the decryptor sucessfuly and the OEM key is picked up by the transponder with light flash to signal remote start, but there is no ignition.  Not sure if this is a simple wiring issue or if I need to do something to the programming.

Do I need to wire in the hood pin? If so can I disable it by simply wiring it to the ground connection?
asked Dec 20, 2017 in Volkswagen by Mark Moran (130 points)

1 Answer

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You have to release the programming button when the led is blue and it will stay blue.

The hood pin is a safety feature and it should be installed. If you ground the wire this will mean the hood is always open and will never start.

Is the vehicle automatic transmission ? If yes, make sure you have cut the yellow loop on the side of the module.
answered Dec 20, 2017 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
Hi Mathieu,

It is manual transmission, the programming goes through and the oem key will trigger the the evo one, but it doesnt start the car.  Do you have any troubleshooting tips. I have double checked all the wiring.

Is it possible I have a push-to-start key and not a standard key?