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how to do decryption with evo-one and 2005 honda pilot

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2005 honda pilot.

followed fortin documents CONNECTION2 and PROGRAM2

remotes are working.

program procedure worked as expected on page 8/10 in fortin docs.

when attempting to start the engine just cranks but wont start.

i suspect its a decryption thing but there is no such option in the FLU software .

unless it has something to do with the "toggle" button?  i dont know what that does but

when i click it my EVO-one goes offline and the software says its disconnected.
asked Dec 13, 2017 in Honda by mike c (130 points)

1 Answer

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Dcryptor does not exist for that vehicle.
answered Dec 13, 2017 by derek ! (285,690 points)

then how do i get this to work ?

clearly the module does not have the code that the computer is looking for.

it cranks but wont start.

if i put the key in the ignition and then do the remote start the car will start.

so there is a encryption/key problem.

why are there no instructions on this ?


following the trouble guide for #27481 connection 2 it says !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First and foremost ensure that if you have done the DCryptor process that you updated the module once the DCryptor process was completed.
If this is not done the vehicle will not remote start."

soooooo ???

The service number will be required to see what's going on...
what is a service number?

i have the order number.. is that what you mean ?
Back of the module...starts with 002bxxxxxxxx
how do i install the EVO-one in a 2005 pilot if the decryption option is not supported?
Connection 2 program 2 in this guide:



Be sure you set option 20.2 in the remote starter options as this has not been turned on yet....

Also be sure you have succesfully programmed your rf kit and the unit is not in valet mode.
Crutchfield tech support helped me with this.

turns out the latest firmware fails.. i went down 2 versions and did the program steps again.. now my car starts...

also the instructions say the terminal 5 on the lock cylinder connector is blue/white.

it is not on a 2005 pilot.. its a salmon color or a light pink.

so something is wrong with your latest FW.

glad you got it working yes

more problems...    per Fortin PDF 

 "Some vehicles must be UNLOCKED to disarm the OEM alarm before remote start. Enable option D2 using the FlashLink Manager. When this option is enabled the module will automatically UNLOCK before remote start and LOCK after the vehicle has remote started."

this does not work and it acutally needs to be done. if i try to remote start prior to unlocking the door then the alarm goes off..

When the vehicle is running under the evo-one and I hit unlock on the RF remote, the interior light comes on and never goes out even after I get in unless I open and close the door again or lock it with the RF remote.

when the car is running under the evo-one and I turn the key on and step on the brake to drive away, my security light flashes in the dash and does not stop until the car is shut off.. this is extremely distracting & a safety concern because its a large green light flashing..