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Evo One only responds to OEM key fob when ignition is on (2018 4Runner)

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2018 4Runner with T harness. Installed with all wires soldered/taped. Double checked all wiring for correct location and proper connection. Everything on the installation side is good.


I cannot use the 3x lock function as the Evo-One will not blink (blue led or anything else) with the key off. I can turn the ignition on and it blinks and responds to OEM fob lock/unlock. I can start the vehicle and press the lock button on the fob 3x and then turn the ignition off / remove key and the vehicle will stay running. I can also press the lock button 3x again and the truck will shut off with the fob..But then it will not respond anymore..

So the programming is correct, the wiring is correct, but for some reason on this 2018 4runner (standard key/t harness install), the door lock/unlock doesn't read when the ignition is off.

My 2016 4Runner worked as it should, reading the lock/unlock regardless of ignition switch position, so not sure if its something in the newer vehicle (installation guide shows to be for up to 2018), or if there is something wrong internally with the new evo-one (purchased 2 weeks ago, installed Saturday 12-10-17)
asked Dec 12, 2017 in Toyota by Dan Hughes (160 points)

2 Answers

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What guide number did you follow?

Need the service number to the evo also please.

Is the vehicel key start or pts?
answered Dec 13, 2017 by Derek (227,910 points)
Guide for installation is 66741

4runner is a standard key

I don't have the service number available right now, mounted the unit behind the dash and did not write the number on it down.

​The evo one is set up with monitor OEM option on(C1 in bypass side I believe it is) and 38.2 is selected.

​Valet mode is verfied off and yellow loop is cut

 All programming of the immobilizer and canbus was successful, and I repeated the process again just to ensure everything was good.

​I have also tried various firmware versions 1.19, 1.21 and it is now back at the original 1.23.

I dont know that the service number is relevant in this particular case though, as my only issue is the OEM keyfob lock/unlock does not register with the evo one with the ignition off, but when the ignition is on, the evo one blue led will blink as its supposed to when the lock/unlock is pressed on the oem keyfob.

I can start the vehicle and press lock 3x and turn the ignition off and remove the key and the vehicle stays running, so everything is set up, but for some reason with the ignition turned off, the evo one doesnt register the lock/unlock commands on the keyfob.
To add more fun, put an rf kit on it today (Fortin 442w) and everything works great with the rf kit, and after I remote start the vehicle with the rf remote, I can 3x lock on the Oem fob and shut the 4Runner off. So there has got to be something going on with the evo one..but it works with the rf kit so it’ll just have to be like that for now.
Ya that makes zero sense....

Please call tech support so we can troubleshoot this over the phone.


What was the solution here? I have a 2019 4runner (G-Key) with the exact same behavior.


It clearly seems possible. 12volt.solutions (a Fortin reseller) is able to do it with a custom harness (and firmware?)


Is the green wire they're referencing that connects to the blue wire correspond to pin A4 on the EVO-One? I don’t want to kill my 4runner or my Evo, so I'm disinclined to blindly proceed...

I watched the video, it doesnt really go into the green wire much. However if you watch the sienna install video here at 8:24


it shows it is a separate module from PAC (TR7). I’m assuming it takes the input from the factory key fob off the blue wire and turns it into a trigger the evo module can read.  Looks interesting. I’m guessing it might need a little programming but at least it’s something for us that don’t want to use an extra key fob. I’m glad I stumbled onto this thread!

I figured it out. At least in my head. It’ll go something like this: program the TR7 module to feature 14 (pulsed input turns on pulsed output). This allows the TR7 to sense the 3 pulses from the lock wire and turn on the grounded output. It states in the manual for the TR7 it only turns on the output if the pulses are sensed within a certain time frame. Say 10 seconds to press the oem remote 3x. The wiring for the TR7 would be using the white wire as a grounded output. Black and red would be chassis ground and 12v. The green wire would be hooked into the lock sense blue wire on the connector beside the bcm 30 pin. You would then have to add on the 3 pin connector to the TR7 to plug into port F on the evo (all the other wires are not used). You can find the pin out online pretty easily but middle is the output from the TR7. You would then have to set the remote start/stop option to trigger off the shock sensor not the oem remote. This would basically give you oem key fob remote start on any vehicle you wanted not just this application. Just have to tie the green sense wire from the TR7 module into any lock wire with .8-16v + to get the signal. You can also customize how many pulses you want to use to trigger remote start as well. I might be missing a thing or two because I don’t have the components in my hand yet, but I’ll report back with an exact write up of how I got this working when I put it all together.
This worked on my 2018 4Runner. No RF kit needed.,
did you get the tr7? how did you wire it up?


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I am also interested in this. I have a 2018 G key 4 runner that exhibits the exact same behavior. No OEM 3x remote start, no indication LEDs when oem buttons are pressed on EVO one. I’d like to wait and see the answer to this before I purchase a Rf kit. I don’t like extra remotes.
answered Jan 1, 2019 by Josh Pillard (170 points)