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Doors locking after ignition shut off - Not programmed to.

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2008 Nissan Titan, EVO-ONE with T-Harness install using RF642W remotes.  Doors immediately lock upon turng engine off.  What function am I missing to disable this? Tried Rico's advice.  Alarm doesn't turn off if set off with RF642W remotes.  May just diconnect and purchase a different remote start at this point. I'm really getting dissapointed with this installation. Neither contributors really answered the question.



Customer has asked to have remote start removed and replaced with a different manufacturer.

Can't say I blame him.
asked Dec 9, 2017 in Nissan by Mark Whitman (240 points)
edited Jan 7, 2018 by Mark Whitman

1 Answer

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Does it do the same thing when started with the key?
answered Dec 12, 2017 by Derek (190,460 points)
No, the factory setting for the 2008 Titan does not lock or unlock the doors with the ignition at all.
Did you connect the door lock wires?
I ask because unlock after key off is turned on, so if the wires were backwards it would technically lock after key off.
I did that because when it was on None it only locked the doors. Now it at least locks then unlocks them. The arm and disarm/Lock and Unlock work correctly. Thats why I didnt think it was an issue with backwards Ourple and Purple/White wires.
Disconnect Purple and Purple/White from the Evo to the vehicle, does the vehicle stop locking after shutting the vehicle off?
Vehicle does stop locking after ignition is shut off with the purple and purple/white wires disconnected.  Does the unit continue to arm the factory alarm system with the RF642W Key fobs or does it simply blow the horn and flash the lights as it's programmed to?
If the vehicle arms itself after sitting for a while, RF remote does not disarm. only OEM fob will arm and disarm factory alarm. Please advise.
Disconnected Purple and Purple/White wires. Vehicle no longer locks doors after turning off key. However, factory alarm set and RF642W remote does not disarm.