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2010 RX350 Evo-All PTS Will not program or start

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Hello, I have the Evo-All for a 2010 Lexus RX350 PTS

I wired the unit to guide 29991

It was programmed for me with the following oprions (I do not have a programmer):

C1, D1, D1.6, D2, H2

When in programming mode, step 4, the blue light does not flash after pushing the PTS twice, I just get a flashing red light. If i then push the program button once, I get the flashing blue light Push it again, I get the blue and yellow flashing light.

The car does not start but and the red light eventually flashes 3 times.

I have checked my connections four tiems and tried the program mode many times.

Than you for any help you can provide.
asked Dec 4, 2017 in Lexus by George Shaw (130 points)
edited Dec 4, 2017 by George Shaw

2 Answers

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Turn on option D6.

Then re program the module and re test.
answered Dec 4, 2017 by Derek (190,370 points)
reshown Dec 4, 2017 by Derek
Thanks for the fast response.

I am going to have to send it back to the company I purchased it from.

Would D6 being off cause it not to programm correctly in the car?
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My aplogy i mis read your question.


If you are getting a flashing red led this is an error code we built in to tell us that you have a problem with the rx and tx wires. Either the connection is no good, the wires are backwards or you are on the wrong wires.
answered Dec 4, 2017 by Derek (190,370 points)
I have checked the wiring and it is definatly correctd based on your diagrams and pictures.

Can it be anything else?

Thank you