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Civic 2016 key start - 3x OEM remote start not working - Evo-One

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2016 civic with regular key start.

I am using the T-Harnass. Things to note. I did not hook up parking lights, horn or add the Hoodpin (since a civic person who did this said he didnt and it was fine). I also have not connected that brown wire since its not in the isntructions so I assume its not required. yellow wire was cut because this is an automatic transmission.

I have flashed the EVO one to 73.26 (recommended for my civic). I flashed to this one because the latest firmware could not get the setup right in the car. It would not do the required light flashing order in step 4. So by downgrading to 73.26 it was able to work.

I have set D2 and C1 to ON and I have turned on Fuction 38-2.

Pressing lock 3x doesnt do anything except lock the car and engage the alarm (makes one beep as usual). I am not sure what else to do here. When I click lock the blue light flashes on the Evo-One. Yellow light works as usual when the ignition is on.
asked Dec 2, 2017 in Honda by Dominic Jalsevac (190 points)
edited Dec 4, 2017 by Dominic Jalsevac

1 Answer

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Can you please re enter your service number it is 1 number short.
answered Dec 4, 2017 by Derek (151,740 points)
re program the bypass.

you cannot speed up the rate at which 3x lock is done.

the beep you hear when pressing lock is a factory feature and cannot be controlled by the evo.
Thanks but that was the second question. I still need help with the 1st one in that same reply. The engine just turns for a while then gives up. I can’t get it to start.
Flash the bypass with the recomended version (73.27) then re programming the bypass module including re doing the dcryptor process.
Thank you. It is now working!
glad to hear enjoy the warmth!


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