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Crimestopper TELE-connect not working

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Hi there, I'm trying to install the Tele-connect to an evo-one using the T-harness on a 2006 Infiniti G35x with intelligent-Key. I'm using Guide # 33131 I've enabled the following so far but no luck.

32. mode 3

2. mode 3

8. mode 2

RF Kit Compatible has been set to "Fortin 2"


asked Nov 24, 2017 in Infiniti by Angel Sanchez (310 points)

1 Answer

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Was the app set to fortin prior to trying to program the telematics module to the evo?

Were is it plugged in?

What does the red led do underneath the yellow loop after you press and release the brake?
answered Nov 24, 2017 by Derek (224,170 points)

Thanks Derek,

I believe I did setup the app correctly, but I'm not 100% sure. I followed the instructions provided in the manual. I did set the rf kit compatibility to Fortin 2. 

I plugged the telematics using one of the provided adapters, and it's plugged into the smaller of the two blue connectors on the evo-one.

The red led light flashes correctly when I do the setup, turn ignition on,  hold the button for 5 secs (flashes continuously), then press and release 5x (flashes 1x per button press), and then press and release the brake (doesn't flash) and finally turn ignition off (flashes once) 

According to evo-one the only settings necessary to make this work was to set the following but so far I can't get it to recognize the tele-connect, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated man. Thanks again. 

32. mode 3

2. mode 3

8. mode 2

RF Kit Compatible has been set to "Fortin 2"

D1 (remote start)


This might help here is a link to screen captures of how the fortin app is setup. pics 1-15 remote starter, 16-19 evo-one setup.




Hey Derek,

Just a follow up, I reran the setup after noticing some of my settings were not saving correctly. I have now got it working. thanks for the input I appreciate it! Now I'm wondering where the D3 yellow/red and D1 yellow/green wires from the evo-one unit (red plug D) goes on the (t-harness HARNAIS EN T) goes in the T-harness goes? I'm using Guide # 33131 and it just illustrates that it goes connected to the main harness but i have no plug or indication of what wires to attach it to, any ideas?


angel s.