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EVO ALL - 2017 HYUNDAI TUCSON PTS will crank but won't start even after two cranks, what might be the problem?

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I got installed an EVO-ONE module on my Hyundai Tucson with PTS button following diagram #62161. I have wired everything according to the guide but I cant understand what to do with the D4 White/Green  (Take Over Control) and with the D1 Yellow/Green (EMS COM) wire. There is cut sign on the diagram but I don't really understand what do that mean. Could you elaborate please? The car will crank but will not start, parking lights will blink 3 times after failed start.
asked Nov 6, 2017 in Hyundai by Ilie Stefanita (200 points)
edited Nov 7, 2017 by Ilie Stefanita

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The cut means you have to cut the actual wire in the car and connect white/green to one side of the cut and white/red to the other side. Same for the EMS com. Follow the guide carefully which wire is on which wire of the cut is important.
answered Nov 7, 2017 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (50,010 points)
selected Nov 7, 2017 by Ilie Stefanita
Thanks for the hint. You where right! Now it starts fine, but I can't open the power liftgate neither from oem remote neither form the button on the trunk while remote started. Is there any option I have to change in the frimware?