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Programming does not complete - no flash after key 'on'

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I have installed an EVO ONE in a Honda Odyssey 2013, the Module enters programming with the button pushed and the red light stays on, pushed programming button twice, red light begins flashing once per second, key inserted and moved to On position and all lights go out and nothing happens after that. Remade and verified connections to DATA and CAN high/low. Yellow A1 is connected with Pink E5 to Blue ignition at vehicle. Module had latest firmware version installed 73.27, attemped with 'minimum' 73.16 and same issue. Reset module and reloaded, same problem. Any advise on what else to try here?
asked Nov 5, 2017 in Honda by Adam Treanor (130 points)

1 Answer

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At this point the moldule is looking for 1 thing, data on the light blue/black wire. Make sure this connection is good, NO T-TAPS. Also make sure your are not using the light blue wire.
answered Nov 6, 2017 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (51,100 points)
Yes thanks for the response, I understand what it’s attempting to do here. After multiple attempts I finally got the red/blue quick flashing and then the slow blue flash after button pressed again but I did so by not filling the instructions. The red light still goes out as soon as I turn the key to on/run, but if I enter programming mode by holding down the prog button and plugging in the 6pin connector then turning the key to on/run followed by another push of the prog button then the red light flashed 10x and the blue flashed quickly, another button push had the blue blinking slowly, turned car off. Attempted to remote start but still no bypass working, car starts and then shuts down with key on cluster blinking (unrecognized). When a key is held close to the ignition and the car is started then it works, but none of the remote monitoring works from the oem remote.