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EVO-KEY and aftermarket RS on Renault

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I install aftermarket remote starter (noname) on Renault Fluence and Megane with PTS (after 2009), which uses universal bypass modules with a coil, which means one of the keys must remain in the car.
Some of my clients are asking me to find another bypass solution so they do not leave the key in the car.
The remote starter we use now has several ports that can be fully customized so as to provide a positive or negative signal at different stages of the startup process or to provide power supply or to act as a simple relay.
It also has the ability to add a programmable serial communication module. I have not used it at all, but it may be useful in this situation.
The device works ok but I'm looking for a bypass solution without leaving the key in the car.
I'm thinking of testing EVO-KEY but please answer the following questions:

1. How can I trigger the EVO-KEY from my remote starter to use its bypass function ?
2. Is there any documentation for datalink or the possibility of communicating my starter device with EVO-KEY by serial port ?
3. Does online decryption cost extra or is it free?

Thank you.
asked Nov 4, 2017 in Bypass by MAAT IAN (160 points)

1 Answer

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The Evo key can be triggered by using the ground out when running input wire.The vehicles you mentioned have successfully been done with an Evo-Key in Russia by our counterparts in Russia, try contacting them by emailing them here info@fortinbypass.su


The Evo key can be triggered by using the ground out when running input wire.

There is no advantage of using datalink when the bypass will only do immobilizer. Datalink is only useful if the bypass also does CAN bus features.

There are no extra fees to use the Dcryptor process, you will however need the Flashlink Updater-2 (sold separately)



answered Nov 4, 2017 by Rico (52,140 points)
I readed the EVO-KEY documentation and everything seems to be very clear.
If I encounter difficulties I will contact you at the email address you mentioned.
I have the opportunity to buy a used EVO-KEY device that I will use for testing and development before promoting the product to our customers.
The device has Hardware Vr: 1, Firmware Vr: 1.05, Data 09/2014 and Service No (barcode): 002A01005127. Can I program this device with Flash Link Updater 2?