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AX-ONE with T harness in 2014 Subaru Forester After 3X lock remote start, car engine stops when door is opened.

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I nstalled an AX-ONE with the THAR-ONE-SUB1 T harness.

The car starts with the factory remote using the 3X lock feature.

The car unlocks using the factory remote, but the car engine stops and alarm goes off when the door

isopened.  What are the proper set up options I need to use to be able to unlock and open the door

after being remote started?




asked Oct 29, 2017 in Subaru by James Nagoda (140 points)

1 Answer

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When you unlock the vehicle does the blue led on the module flash twice?
answered Oct 30, 2017 by Derek (196,670 points)
Yes, Blue LED flashes twice with single press of the unlock button on remote.
it almost seems as though the evo isnt seeing the unlock command. Try turning off the alarm option 14 and re test...tell me if the alarm still goes off and vehicle shuts down.
Hi Derek,

 I believe I need to use the valet switch to disable option 14?  When I pressand hold the valet button I get not response at all.  Goint through the connections again now to verify all were done correctly.
You can do it at a computer in connection mode remote starter.
Is that the C-1 option on the list?
option 14. unplug evo one, click toggle to set connection mode remote starter. go down to option 14 and set it to 14.1 then hit save options.

With 14.1 enabled, I can remote start the car, but the drivers door stays unlocked.

Car does not alarm and engine stays running when door is opened.
Turn off D2 in the BYPASS and re test.
Turned off D2 in BYPASS.  Driver door still unlocked and stayed unlocked after remote start.  I then set 6.3 in the remote start section.  Car now remote starts, doors remain locked.  I can unlock and enter, use key to enter driving mode.

All appears to be good.


Derek, thanks for you time and patience today.  Is there anyone I can send an email

to make sure you get a pat on the back from your superiors?


Ya that would be great you can email support@ifar.ca thank you.


Happy to help.