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05 Hyundai Sonata will not shut off after starting with key fob.

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Hi my Evo One was working great for a year. Now when I start my car with either key fob, it will not shut off by pressing the brake with the key out of the key switch. Or by inserting the key and switching to on postion and back to off. The only way to shut it off is with the key fob. Everything else is function normal.
asked Oct 26, 2017 in Hyundai by Carlos Paige (530 points)

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The only explanation for this is a bad connection to the vehicle's brake wire. this is a no can-bus vehicle so all wires are connected to the vehicle.

Thank you,
answered Oct 27, 2017 by Rico (52,140 points)
selected Apr 23, 2018 by Carlos Paige
Hi, I did connect all the necessary wires, and it had been working flawless for the past year. Now it just started doing this. I just re-checked the black brake wire to light blue wire connection at the brake pedal switch, its getting about 13.4 volts when the brake pedal is pressed. My next check is going to be, disconnecting the 20 pin connector and see if I'm getting 13.4 volts in the black wire socket in the connector. If that is not the problem, could it be in the programming or the unit itself?
Update* I checked for continuity checked ok. When brake pedal is pressed I have power going into the Evo One at the 20 pin connector. So the brake wire isn't the problem. Is the Evo One unit itself beginning to fail?
Another update* 1/10/2018 I flashed the latest update. Tried different combinations of settings on the starter and bypass brake status in the programming with no change. Do you have a paid repair service where I can send the module to be fixed.
It was the module. I replaced it and it solved the problem.