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2017 gmc sierra EVO-ALL does door locks?

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Preparing to install remote start and keyless entry into a fleet of 2017 GMC sierra 1/2 ton RWD base truck. (standard key)

Since there is no information on the 2017 GMC sierra, I am using the wirecolor.com 2017-2018 standard key chevrolet silverado 1500 information.

Trucks come with power locks, no keyless entry and no onstar.

Purchased EVO-ALL and Fortin one way RF kits. Then... Purchased wirecolor.com vehicle information.

In wirecolor.com, it is noted that the evo-all cannot control door locks on vehicles WITHOUT onstar. This is not indicated on the website or in the standalone installation guide.

Is this correct information? Does this mean the EVO-ONE would be capable of this task? I only need keyless entry and simple remote start and stop.

I would like to be prepared for when these trucks arrive, so your help is greatly appreciated.
asked Oct 6, 2017 in GMC by jbest (190 points)
edited Oct 6, 2017 by jbest

1 Answer

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On page 4 it tells you to connect lock wires if the vehicle is not equipped with on-start. So it is indeed in the guide. 

If you follow the guide evo-all stand alone keyless entry will function, but as stated in the guide will require you to connect lock/unlock on vehicle not equipped with on-star. 


stand alone guide:http://cdn.fortin.ca/download/30261/evo-all_ig_sal_bi_gm_chevrolet_silverado-sierra_2014_a_30261.pdf

Hope this helpsyes

answered Oct 6, 2017 by Derek (178,330 points)