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How to add RF-2WT10-SS to evo-gm3 with FT-D100 RF decoder

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How to add RF-2WT10-SS to evo-gm3 with FT-D100 RF. wihch wire do i plug from the eve-gm3 in to the FT-D100 in the sucket with plugs side byside with 2 pin and 4 pin or 4 pin and 6 pin  they are same plugs on evo-gm3 and the compustar.


asked Oct 3, 2017 in GMC by Martin Berube (280 points)

1 Answer

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Here is the installation guide you would need to follow for that RF kit.


answered Oct 3, 2017 by Derek (178,330 points)
With the compustar rf kit there is a ADS Data cable do i need it for the evo-gm3 and FT-D100 ?
Yes make sure you swap Rx and Tx on the end that will plug into the evo-all as shown in the guide linked above.
Ok i will..

Thank you.
it not the pulg that go's in to the FT-D100 it the plug that gos in to the evo-all that i have to change then. there are 3 pulg one that is for evo-one and one for evo-all and one for adding rf kits and antenna