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How to add RF-2WT10-SS to evo-gm3 with RFACompu

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How to add RF-2WT10-SS to evo-gm3 with RFACompu.

if this don't work what do ineed to make it work?

2014 GMC sierra with key..
asked Sep 25, 2017 in GMC by Martin Berube (280 points)

1 Answer

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You do use the RFA compu you need the FT-D100. RFA COMPU is only used with evo-one NOT evo-all.

Also we have not tested this RF kit as it is not listed on our compatible RF kit section, is this a new series with the encoder built into the antenna.  (http://fortin.ca/en/technology/rf_kits.html)

If you did want to try it you would follow this guide: http://cdn.fortin.ca/download/20141/rf-2w1b-sp-install-guide-20141.pdf
answered Sep 25, 2017 by Derek (178,310 points)
so i need the FT-D100 and not the RFA compu Right
ft-d100 is for evo-all

rfa compu is for evo-one


As previously mentioned this RF kit has not been tested with the evo and is not listed in the supported RF kit section. You can try it but I do not know if the buttom mapping is the same.
it made by arctic start
Ah I see it now yes. It is listed...FYI artic start and compustar are one and the same ;) still need an FT-D100 though.
I will order the FT-D100 and let you know how it works out..


Thank you Derek

yes sounds good 


i got the FT-D100 and wihch wire do i plug from the eve-gm3 in to the FT-D100 in the sucket with plugs side byside with 2 pin and 4 pin or 4 pin and 6 pin