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Evo One - 2015 Kia Optima - Passes setup, but won't remote start.

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Evo One installed on 2015 Kia optima push to start.  It passes setup, but will not remote start.  I get the first lock with a beep, then a lock with the horn, and the third key press, is just another horn beep.

I have checked and rechecked connections, but obviously I have something wrong.  I have programed (computer) for the 3X start and yellow "loop" is clipped.

Fortunately the car still operates normally ottherwise.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I look forward to being able to use the remote start,
closed with the note: Answered.  Canbus wires reversed.
asked Sep 16, 2017 in Kia by John W Brown (220 points)
closed Mar 6, 2018 by John W Brown

2 Answers

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This happened to me too because I wasn't waiting long enough between presses.(But, yours maybe an option that wasn't checked). 

I know it sounds elementary but try this:  press lock release "one kia optima" press lock release "two kia optima" press lock release.

(you know, instead of "one mississippi"

Hope this helps.

answered Sep 18, 2017 by Daniel Gray (240 points)
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When you press lock on the OEM remote what does the led's on the evo module do?
answered Sep 18, 2017 by derek ! (286,160 points)
Yes, it is PTS and that is the schematic that I have wired by.  Can you please look at E6?  That is the one I am concerned about - large yellow from Evo One to small grey wire on bottom kick panel connector??

Also - it would be very helpful, if you guys would document the two kick panel connectors as upper and lower on that schematic, since the pins are numbered exactly the same.

I will try to reprogram once again.  BTW, I have always done that programming in the car.  I did the initial setup on the computer.

test the wire, if it tests as a starter wire, then it is the correct wire.

If the blue led does not flash when pressing lock on the oem remote, then the in vehicle programming was not done properly.
So sorry to be a pain.  Check connections again, went through programming:

Held button on Even one down and plugged in the module - go the blue, red, yellow, blue/red etc.  Stopped on Red.

Pluggend everything in, pushed button 7 times and got the 6 flashes.

Hit the push button ignotion 2X - got the red flashes then turned to blue flashes.

Turned ignition off lights went out.

Got out did the 3 click lock - no lights on the Evo One.

For kicks got back in and started the car and even just turned to Yellow.
When pressing lock one time on the oem remote, you should see the blue led on the EVOONE flash once, it's telling you it saw the lock command on the network.

If the light doesn't flash, the module is not detecting the command on the canbus network. Verify the connections of orange/green and orange/brown. Somehow, they are wrong.
You are/were correct the canbus wiring(s) were reversed!  I believe your schematic may be incorrect.  I switched them, and all is good!

TRhank you for your help.