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2017 Lexus LX570 doesnt turn off when open door and car restarts after 4-5 seconds

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i have installed evo one in lexus lx570 2017. its starting with 3xlock but its not turning off when opening the door and car instantly restarts automatically.
asked Sep 11, 2017 in Lexus by Sadaf Electronics (160 points)

1 Answer

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You have turned off the option fror this causing the issue as you describe.  
Please turn on options A1 through A11.
Also turn off the following options: D3,D5 and option 6.3 this is not needed.

Then re test.
answered Sep 11, 2017 by derek ! (286,090 points)
edited Sep 11, 2017 by derek !
Today I installed evo-all (stand alone) on LX 570, according to scheme 2016 (in the VIN code, the tenth digit was 5). CAN wires I connected to BECU (30 pin connector, green and white). Behind the glove box somehow could not find the remote start connector. Everything is working fine. I need to find and transfer these CAN wires behind the glove compartment or leave as is?