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Need help with steps 4-6 programming EVO-ONE for 08 Hyundai Sonata

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I purchased an EVO-ONE, RF-ALL-642W, Flashlink 2, and a THAR-ONE-KHY1 ignition T-harness and made the following connections to my US spec 2008 Hyundai Sonata.  
I have updated Bypass hardware version 2, firmware version 76.34 and Remote starter hardware version 7 firmware 1.21.  Flashlink updater hardware version 4, firmware version 4.03

Cut loop for automatic transmission.
Plugged 4 pin antenna wire to Blue connector of 4 pin data T-harness of RF-ALL-642W kit and plugged antenna to other end.
I have connected the ignition T-harness at ignition pigtail, parallel soldered the 20 pin Yellow wire to the Pink wire of t-harness at EVO-ONE.
Ignition T-harness Black wire ring and 4 pin data Black (added crimp ring) to known good dash ground.
4 pin Black data connector Red wire soldered parallel to Red wire of ignition T-harness.
Soldered 20 pin Black parallel to Green wire at foot brake switch.
Clipped Green PATS wire at driver kick - White connector (chassis)
20 pin Lt. Blue and 6 pin Red connector White/Green to harness side of Green wire at driver kick.
20 pin Lt. Blue/Black and 6 pin Red connector White/Red to connector side of Green wire at driver kick.
5 pin Grey/Black can low soldered parallel to Yellow wire at OBD-II
5 pin Gray can high soldered parallel to White wire at OBD-II

When I hold the programming button down and plug in the 6 pin ignition T harness, Release programming button on Yellow and cycle the key from off to on, nothing happens, the light stays solid Yellow.  I have confirmed that the yellow wire is getting 12v only on ignition hot.  The car starts and runs with the key for several minutes, I switched the green clipped PATS wire connections and no change was observed.

Searching the Q&A I found how to test the can bus by plugging the Black connector in while holding the programming button down, releasing on Blue, then plug the rest of the connectors (all of the ones listed above) in and turn the ignition on.  When I do this the Blue light goes out.  When I turn the key off, the Blue light comes back on.

I have 1.89VDC and 2.27VDC on the can bus lines to a known good ground in the door jamb.

Please help! Where do I go from here?
asked Aug 27, 2017 in Hyundai by Erik Helsinger (170 points)

2 Answers

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From the symptoms you described, your can programming seems to point to the fact that your CAN H and L are reversed. please correct and retry.

As for the immobilizer, disconnect the evo completely (all connectors) and start the car normally with the key, does it start and and stay running?

If yes, then you are not on the right Immobilizer wire OR the vehicle does not have an immobilizer system (common on US vehicles)

Thank you,
answered Aug 28, 2017 by JM (61,780 points)
The car starts and runs with the PATS circuit hooked up or not.  I switched and resoldered the CAN wires and the module will still not program, all connectors are plugged in.  I unhooked and reset the EVO ONE and it acts the same.  The Blue light goes out when the key is turned to on and comes back when you turn the key off.  I checked voltage again 2.36 and 1.87 on the CAN lines.  I unplugged the RED connector that has half of the PATS wiring and no change.  One thing I found odd is that the supplied connector view does not say PATS front or back.  I hooked the Green wire on the White connector at the driver kick as PATS.
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You can completely ignore CAN on this car since all that is covered through CAN is Tachometer status. You will have to enable option 20.2 - Tachless Mode afterwards. 


When I hold the programming button down and plug in the 6 pin ignition T harness, Release programming button on Yellow and cycle the key from off to on, nothing happens, the light stays solid Yellow.

This is caused by the module NOT detecting Key data on the Light Blue/Black wire on EVO.  If this is a US build vehicle, you most likely DO NOT have an immobilizer. 


You will need to first find out if your vehicle is equipped with an immobilizer.   If you leave the EVO completely disconnected so that the PATS data is open  circuit and can start the car without problems with the key, you either have NO immobilizer to worry about (therefore you dont even need to program the module), or you are simply on the wrong PATS data wire. 


answered Aug 29, 2017 by Robert T (284,630 points)