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RF642W and Evo One Settings

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I want to use a RF642W RF Kit with my EVO One. In the remote start side, what do I set my option to. Is it

Fortin FM or Fortin AM or Fortin 2.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Lynch
asked Aug 22, 2017 in FAQ by Pat Lynch (1,120 points)

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If the Evo-One has never been paired with any other RF kit there is nothing you would need to set, out of the box it will pair with that RF kit.


If the unit has been paired with another brand/model of RF kit, then a full master reset (function 23 via the valet switch) will need to be done, THEN Fortin2 will need to be set in the offline menu in the remote starter side of the EVO-ONE and saved.


Thank you,
answered Aug 22, 2017 by JM (61,720 points)
selected Aug 23, 2017 by Pat Lynch

38.4 can be left on

B1 should be on if you want the driver door priority. It's supposed to work on the cruze. Is driver door priority still working off the factory fob?


EDIT: I would suggest putting version 1.21 in the remote starter firmware. No need to reprogram anything, just flash and reconnect to car. 

Hi Rob

Driver door priorty works on the factory fob. I will flash new firmware and get back to you.

Best Regards

Hi Rob

I done master reset and flashed FW ver 1.21. I paired the RF632W remotes with no problems. Remote start, door lock/unlock/auto relock during remote start, and aux all work perfectly. Its when I try to unlock only that it dont work most of the time (not during remote start). Any time that it did unlock, it would not auto relock if no door was opened. This was my main concern in case of accidental button push. Eventually I hardwired the lock output to the driver door lock switch and it works flawlessy ie if it does unlock it will auto relock all the time. This setup suits me perfectly. Again the driver door priorty works ok during  remote start. On a different note, I sent you an email address to send the trainig guide you mentioned in a different post.

Best Regards

Hi Pat,

Wish I could, but that training guide has been unavailable for the last 2 years. It was aimed mostly for sales, retailers and distributors. I cannot send it out. An update to the Flash-Link User guide is coming in the following weeks which has all details of options in the EVO-ALL and EVO-ONE.

For your priority unlock, if I am reading this right, it works fine once the car is remote started but not when the car is off? And for auto-relock, connecting the analog wires got it working ?  All I can really do for this now  is a open a report ( which i thank you for the feedback on this install). Is this a Hatchback Cruze or the sedan? With or without Onstar ?


There is though something you can try, connect the main harness 6-pin connector PINK ignition wire to the unused Yellow wire hanging off the t-harness. This will force the unit to always be detecting ignition on-off states. The reasoning is that Ignition off or on, the module uses different can codes on many vehicules, this will force it in the right modes.
Hi Rob.

I tried joining the ignition wires but it made no difference. As I said it works ok now with the analog lock wire connected. Its a hatchback with Onstar. Thanks again for all your help.

Best Regards



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