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Evo All on E60 door status signal

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I've successfully installed viper 3305 with Evo All in my BMW E60 2007, everything was done W2W and all working well, except for the door open/close signal from the Evo All, when I open the doors of the car, any door, the door open signal is not sent to the Viper module, so even when the Viper alarm is armed, doors get openned and closed without the alarm knowing!!! So the alarm does not trigger!!


i tested the Viper module by applying a ground on the "door status" signal, and sure enough the alarm is triggered, so It is clear to me that the Evo All is not sending the signal.

Is this a known issue? what could be the solution?
asked Aug 21, 2017 in BMW by Mohammad Shabsough (160 points)

1 Answer

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Do you have a test one (http://fortin.ca/en/products/accessories/test-one/) to see if the door status is present on can? This would be the only sure way to see if the evo is acquiring this status.

You could also meter the door status wire on the evo to see if it changes when opening the door and closing the door.
answered Aug 21, 2017 by Derek (171,740 points)
Also what is the service number to the evo-all?
Where can I buy this product? The test-one?
At a authorized distributor retailer.

Or online at places likc crutchfield or metra in the u.s.




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