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BMW e60 CAN wires color coding

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I'm purchasing EVO ALL so I can interface it into my BME E60 523i 2007, I've noticed a discrepancy in the wiring guide you provided.

The guide says that the CAN bus High wire at the car BCM module is Black, and the CAN Bus Low wire is Yellow. However the picture you have associated with this color coding shows that the colors are Green & Orange/Green.


Can you please confirm, what colors are the CAN High & CAN Low in the Car?
asked Aug 9, 2017 in BMW by Mohammad Shabsough (160 points)

1 Answer

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Can wires are typically Black and Yellow on the 5 series. See link below for picture.



edit: Green & Orange/Green
answered Aug 9, 2017 by Robert T (279,840 points)
edited Aug 9, 2017 by Robert T
I wrote that too fast... follow the picture, it comes from a 5 series

Keep in mind, wire colors may change.

So, the wires in the car are aupposed to be a twisted pair like in the picture, but the actual colors are BLACK and WHITE, unlike what is shown in the picture.

Can wires on BMW are always a twisted pair (so are speakers...) the picture linked is from a 5 series but may not have been a 2007. The colors should in theory be like in the picture, green and orange/green but they may be black & Yellow instead are your specific car. Can wires will test approximately 2.5V each with ignition ON.


If you have the vehicles wiring information, you're looking for the K-Can.
This is not entirely correct.

While each regular CAN wire will test ~2.5V to earth, K-CAN lines ("K-LINE") on a BMW will read out ~0.25V to a maximum of ~5V with ignition on. These values will fluctuate when communication is present on the bus. The regular CAN ("D-CAN") bus, such as the one found on the OBD2 port (pins 6 and 14) will not work for remote starter & bypass installations.

On a 2008 E60 535i, K-CAN wires are yellow (low) and black (high), and I  confirmed this with a visual inspection, testing with a voltmeter, and looking up BMW TIS diagrams.


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