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Flash Link Updater not connecting to EVO-ALL

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I bought this Flash Link updater along with an EVO-CHRT4 to install in my 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan. I installed the FlashLink Manager 3.62, opened the software, plugged in the Flash Link and that was recognized. The drivers installed on the computer, and the Flash Link updater status was there. I checked for updates (for the Flash Link updater) and it came up with a recommended update. I attempted to flash the update and it never went passed 1% completed. I left it overnight (12+ hours), and nothing. I had to force the program to quit, and re-opened. I cancelled the Flash Link update, was prompted to unplug the unit, then plug back in. The software will find my Flash Link updater, says Hardware 4, Firmware 4.03. If I go back to the prompt to plug in the EVO-ALL with the data link connector, it will not recognize the EVO-ALL (update is cancelled). The connection mode will say By-Pass, and it won't toggle to Remote Start, just goes back to By-Pass. I don't get any lights on the EVO-ALL and I only get a solid red light on the Flash Link. What is wrong with the updater? I have tried a different USB cable, I tried a different computer as well (both run Windows 7). I get power to the 2 middle wires on the data link connector (2.89 volts and 4.96 volts). I can get the EVO-ALL to power up when installed in the van, but it won't remote start (from what I understand, options C1 and D1 are not turned on, so I can't get it to remote start...and I can't check the options with this Flash Link not letting me connect to EVO-ALL).
Beyond this, I am out of ideas...and need help!  Thanks.
asked Aug 7, 2017 in Dodge by khoops85 (230 points)

2 Answers

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Could you please contact your retailer for the Flashlink Updater for a warranty replacement. Please open a support ticket here: http://fortin.ca/en/support/contact.html so that an RMA can be issued to you to include with the Flashlink Updater when it is shipped back, Please just copy and paste your what you posted here on wirecolor into your support email.


Thank you,

answered Aug 8, 2017 by JM (61,720 points)
I just had to do this with my Flash-Link Updater I received yesterday. It had the 4.02 firmware and had an available update to 4.03. Clicked the flash button and it just sat at 1% for like an hour. Called Fortin and was told to RMA it. My computer was Windows 10 and running Fortin software 3.62.
Well, got my exchanged unit with the same result. I attempt to update to 4.03 and Flash Link Manager just hangs at 1%. In addtion my EVO-ONE is no longer recongnized in the software. No lights or anything when plugged into the Flash Link Updater.

I had the same problem and now I'm ordering a new one  again sad

Has anyone resolve this? I'm having the same issue with the 1%. Im about to off my self
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I also have the same problem here... this is ridiculous. something needs to be done
answered Nov 12, 2018 by Ruhi Tolibin (150 points)
I am having the same issue its stuck at 1 percent. Tried 2 windows 10 computers evan a old windows sp computer same thing happens.


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