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BMW 320i 2010

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Need help i can 3xlock to remote start the car but can't 3xlock to shut off the car


I can deactivate the remote start by pressing the brake pedal I have ca (comfort access) does that have n e thing to do with it
asked Aug 6, 2017 in BMW by Kurt Wikaire (260 points)

1 Answer

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What you need to check is when you press 3xlock to shut down, does the blue led flash for each lock press? And then does the Evo-One shut down? Does the red led shut down on the Evo-All?


Looking at your options, you have a couple of options that you could change.

Remote starter side:

Function 20 to mode 6.

Function 24 to mode 1.

Is the blue and white wires cut in the 4 pin datalink connector?


Thank you,
answered Aug 7, 2017 by Rico (52,490 points)
When I press the lock button 3x the blue led flashes for each press but it doesn't shut down the red lights stays on


I have not cut the blue and white wires on the datalink if I need to can you please let me know thanks
while the vehicle is remote started, can you please try pressing the lock button 1x second (blue led should flash each time) on the oem remote 4-10 times in a row just to check if the evo is not seeing a lock signal until the vehicle shuts down. And if it does eventually shut down from pressing the lock button on the oem remote to note down the number of presses it took.


Thank you,
Ok I  tried to press the lock button 3 to 10 time and the car still didn't turn off the blue light did flash each time I press it so I got a r f kit rf642w and then pressed aux then remote start button and the red light turns off and the yellow light stays on but the car still won't turn off the r f kit can turn the remote starter off but the car keeps running
Sorry about the delay it takes 2 weeks for your products to ship from USA to New Zealand
the INT BMW-2 it what shuts off the vehicle via the pts button, normally when the GWR is removed from the INT-BMW-2, it will pulse the pts button to shut off the vehicle. UNLESS for some reason the int-bmw-2 received an UNLOCK signal, then the int bmw-2 will not shut off the vehicle thinking you want to do a "takeover"
It also will not stop correctly if the ribbon cable is not seated properly in the connector. Not the end that goes back into the key port, but the part that goes on the factory harness.


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