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2008 Acura mdx Cranking but sometimes not starting

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2008 Acura MDX once in a while it will crank over but will not start I do not have access to the units service # at this moment
asked Aug 5, 2017 in Acura by mike wagner (160 points)

1 Answer

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We will need the service number and the units installed in the vehicle, I have a good idea where it maybe coming from, but it will be better once we have all the info.

Thank  you,
answered Aug 7, 2017 by Rico (54,260 points)
The unit is a evo one and the service # is 002b03. 034306

it worked good since installed months ago now every once in a while will crank with no start
Was a t-harness used? If not, how were the connections made in the vehicle? T-taps? If yes, please remove all t-taps and re-do connections using the :"Poke, twist and tape method"


Thank you,
the t harness was used
if a t-harness was used, then we will start with the basics, please update the remote starter firmware to 1.21

How often out  of 10 starts does it fail to start?


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it failes to start maybe once out out every 15 or so starts  its very intermitent

how do i update it to 1.21 firmware????
Using the Flashlink Updater-2 in connection mode:remote starter will let you update the firmware for the remote starter side of the Evo unit.


I don't recommend updating the firmware on the bypass side for the simple fact that the connections that were used when your vehicle was done might not be the way we do the vehicle right now with the current firmware.


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