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Problems With honda???

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I have installed almost 1,000 of your evoall interface modules and somthing that i have noticed lately is that i am haveing more and more trouble getting this module to work in the hondas than ever before.  I use astro start rss2524 and rss5325 mostly and the issues that i have been having started after 73.17 on some cars and most of the time the last stable firmware that i can use is 73.16.  this is a problem because a lot of the newer cars need the newer firmware to support them.  i am using the D2D protocol for communications.  which never had a problem with tach through data before 73.17 but now it will over crank by about 3 seconds and the tach setting is right.  i have also used auto tach and have the same issue.  but if i flash 73.17 or earlier there is no problem with the crank time and the starter crank time is perfect.  the other issue i am having is the door locks.  no matter how many times i hit unlock only the drivers door unlocks through data.  i have also tried to use double pulse unlock on both the main control unit and the evoall with the same result, never unlocking the passengers doors.  if i hook up analog unlock from the astro start to the module the purple/white then i can get the other doors to unlock.  the other major issue is that with the newer hondas and i have tried several, when the car is remote started the doors dont lock and unlock and the factroy keyless doesnt work, as soon as the car shuts off the door locks work again with the astro start.  i have had to do a lot of these cars with a competitor module (I data ads-al-ca) on the same wires as your install and everything works great. also i never get a hood status output on every car that says it will give a status and i know it has a factory hood pin because if i use the competitor module i get the hood pin status.   If i use your evoall on a ford everything works fine and there are no issues with door locks or tach signal.  please fix this issue in the D2D protocol and honda firmwares so i can start using you interfaces again.

Thank you!!
asked Jul 26, 2017 in Honda by Mike Saulsbury (170 points)
edited Jul 27, 2017 by Mike Saulsbury

1 Answer

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Hi Mike, Thanks for reporting!

I have an answer for the doorlocks.

main difference on honda with firmware AFTER 73.17 (so starting at 73.18) is a major change to door locks. The module now covers doorlocks on CAN while the engine is running. Which was not covered on versions 73.17 and lower, (door locks were o CAN while ignition was OFF, but once the car was started, there was wired connections for door lock control). Current Installation guide do not show the connections that USED to be required for doorlocks.

So, if using 73.17 or lower, you would need to use older guides.


Give us call we can look at this with you.
answered Jul 26, 2017 by Robb (208,060 points)
i am aware that the module covers the door locks via CAN bus, that isnt the issue the issue is that if i use a firmware that is 73.18 or newer where it dropped the analog door lock wires and did the door lock and unlock command on the CAN bus the problem that i am having is i dont have lock or unlock while the car is running.  doesnt matter if the ignition wire is cut through the module or not they dont work.  also the factory keyless doesnt work either.  please re-read the post that i originally posted.  this has happened on all the honda vehicles that i install the evoall in and the only way i can get things to work is use a competitor module or roll the firmware back to 73.17 or older and use analog door lock and unlock wires.

As mentionned , D2D issue was reported to be taken a look at with recent firmware. (for both the unlock through data from the astrostart module and what seems to be a tach status issue)


With an EVO-ALL service number we can see how the unit is setup and functioning. Right now i am taking stabs in the dark with possibilities of what may be happening since i have no reports of D2D issues relating to one make of car.


There are a handful of diagnostics on the evo we can do over the phone if you can call us when you have another one of these.



  • Tach/crank issue = module ignition detection and yellow led reactions
  • Unlock driver door only issue = unit options or remote start options
  • OEM fob not working when car is remote started = EVO options (C1 needs to be on); Blue LED will also tell us if the unit is even detecting the oem fob since the EVO is the one actually locking and unlocking EVEN when using the OEM fob.
I also notice that something interesting i wanted to share. I notice that after the key are successfully program. The ignition does not reconize the key anymore. It only reconize the signal from SL3. For remote start. Is this normal? It seem that remote would be primary procedure to operate vehicle. With that said, it means the operator will have to disconnect the module to start mannually with key. It can br pain depend on condition car is in. Or at the shop getting service, and the tech are not aware.